Oooaa-kay then. Yes, I am paying attention! Whomever or whatever is in charge of making me think outside of this tiny fucking cube at work - where, by the way, I am frantically trying to put out imaginary fires for people with nothing better to do than make me insane - just to pay attention to other profound, inexplicable, coincedental things like meeting someone you seem to have this invisible T1 line connection between our brains that feels like it's always been there, just never turned on - can bite my left tit... I have a short attention span so you're wasting your efforts on someone who consciously chooses to tune out the mindless buzzing and empty lives of those around her... who is purposely and happily oblivious to the fact that zillions of seemingly harmless but fuck-up-your-mind-like-quantum-physics types of things keep thrusting their agenda into my view. I mean, totally random, accidental chance juxtopositions of my mundane daily stuff with one too many complete strangers paths have broken my focus for the last time... well, the last time today. I mean it.

What was I talking about? What was I doing? Why am I in this room and why will I remember why when I go back to the room I just wondered why I was in?

Oh, yeah. Mondays suck.