PLEASE GOD!! There must be intelligent life in LA!! Please let me meet someone who has actually read a book.

Much less a book discussed recently on NPR.

Ok, ok... at least something a bit more advanced than Dick and Jane Go to School?

LA sucks.

I miss San Francisco. At least there, homeless people could be counted upon to be uneducated drug addicts or illiterate psychopaths.


Vegas here we come...

Can't wait til this weekend... gonna show my girl Kylie the seedier side of Vegas, courtesy of my wingman, Jared.

I think tattoos are in order - for everyone.

Sorry Everybody

Sorry Everybody


What am I looking for in a man?

A.) a pulse.

B.) his own life... in another area code, preferrably.

C.) his own shoe empire.

Okay, that last one is optional, but important if I were currently accepting applications in the boyfriend/lover/one-night stand categories (which I'm not, so don't ask).