Clearly these "experts" don't understand the value of Retail Therapy...

"People exaggerate how much happiness is bought by an extra few thousand," Oswald said. "The quality of relationships has a far bigger effect than quite large rises in salary.... It's much better advice, if you're looking for happiness in life, to try to find the right husband or wife rather than trying to double your salary."

Like, oh my God, what century is this? What a load of crap! The number of times a new pair of shoes made me happy vs. the number of times my ex-husband made me unhappy = a ratio of 1 to 100000000.

In other words? Of course money buys happiness. Screw the Prozac - I'll take Bloomies.


Napster: Help Wanted. Must be able to make coffee and pole dance.

For once, I'm speechless. I'm guessing there's not much diversity in the workplace over there, unless the Napster Girl also types 70 wpm and makes a mean cuppa coffee...


Well, um... like, DUH!

"Co-founder Sergey Brin said it occurred to him this summer as he scanned the 50 or so products available across the company's Web sites that users were probably getting overwhelmed. 'It's worse than that,' he said. 'It's that I was getting lost in the sheer volume of the products that we were releasing."

How concerned are you that it took someone influential enough to do something about it this long to wake up and smell the stink of all of those launched products decomposing in a sky high pile of new products ignored once they achieved maximum cool-ideas-generating-great-PR results?

Maybe the SS Googlebloat is coming in for a rehaul?



(Warning - put down your milk lest it shoot out your nose.)

Courtesy of Ogilvy & Mather GmbH (via AdverGirl) comes this hilarious series of print ads for very, very opaque nylons.

Times like these, I *adore* the advertising industry.


Drum roll, please...


No, really! I have!

If it were any cooler, my name would be Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik.

"But how can she say this?!", you ask?

Because all of my girl friends, gay friends and (metrosexual) guy friends are positively green with envy.

So, feel free to congratulate me... I'm the new Sr. Product Manager for a company called Glam.com.

Whats Glam? Celebrity gossip, uber-fun quizzes, fashion, beauty, shopping and trés chic technology - all wrapped up in one fabulous, glamorous website.


In love with words...

I'm head-over-heels in love with the writing style belonging to the new Times perfume reviewer. Lush, erotic, visceral & vivid, Chandler Burr uses words to describe scents the way Van Gogh used paints to describe a starry night...

Emotive, evocative sentences like "Pomegranate Noir is like a box of truffles with the lid on, sweet bits of darkness, waiting." and "this scent is like spraying a layer of twilight on your body." make me tremble with the pleasure of falling in love with words all over again... the kind of love that stirs the butterflies around in your belly.


Bitchin' Camaro, dude...

Yes, Virginia... there *is* a muscle car :).

And with 100 more horsies under the hood than the '06 Mustang, it ain't stoppin to smell the daisies.


Cellphone as chaparone?

This makes me feel kinda funny...

The idea is for about $10 a month, parents can track their children by requesting the exact location of the child's cell phone on the parent's phone or online. One service also allows parents to designate a small geographic area and get automatic alerts when their child enters or leaves that zone ("Dude! That's, like, so whack! Ditching class shouldn't, like, be this hard, an' stuff!"). For example, parents would know if a child left the vicinity of school during the middle of the day.The service can also be programmed to automatically send an alert at a set time each day, such as when a child is due to arrive at school. Children get text messages on their phones every time their location is requested, so they know when Mom and Dad are watching.


Whew! That was a close one...

... it was getting ugly but I think I managed to get out relatively unscathed, none the worse for wear.

Ok, *maybe* a couple of superficial dents to my self esteem & a slightly bruised heart -- but it's nothing a weekend w/my wingman in Vegas can't fix.

And bonus! This trip earns me a free ticket on Southwest... hmmm... I wonder if they fly to Puerto Rico?


* Leo's are automatically disqualified in the next round. Scorpio's, however, are highly encouraged to submit an application.


MercuryNews.com | 04/10/2006 | Valley's new job market: (specific) help wanted

MercuryNews.com | 04/10/2006 | Valley's new job market: (specific) help wanted

Wow. This is exactly what Thomas Friedman predicts (in his book, The World Is Flat). The "triple convergence" has happened and now that we're all on the same playing field, the only way American workers can hope to maintain or improve their standard of living is to specialize.

To many that means adapt or die. Isn't that what all forms of life that has managed to survive through milleniums has done in order to be alive, today, to ask the question? And all without whining about it?

Ok, I'm back.

So after a brief hiatus, I'm back and just fairly bursting with stuff to blog about. Lemme get my thoughts in order and I'll post them in order over the next couple of weeks. So, sit tight & stay tuned.


Condi Does Kabul...

I wonder if Condolezza Rice ever worries about where to buy some Tampax in a place like Afghanistan?

She must have a staffer whose sole job is to make sure stuff like that doesn't become a crisis. Like it would for *normal* people.

Why on earth did this even cross my mind?!

That's just how my head works. Deal with it.