Ok, two words? Effing cool.

Swiss to protect voting data with 'unbreakable' quantum encryption

A new "unbreakable" encryption method will be keep votes safe for citizens in the Swiss canton (state) of Geneva in the country's upcoming national elections, officials said Thursday. The city-state will use quantum technology to encrypt election results as they are sent to the capital on Oct. 21, said Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva.

A computer in Geneva, provided by the company id Quantique, will fire photons, or particles of light, down a fiber-optic link to a receiver 62 miles away.

How effing cool is that? I mean... photons included with your voting experience?

My only question? How is it that Switzerland... a politically neutral country was the first to implement such advanced technology, hmmmm?


This lonliness

is self induced. It's time to make some new friends.


Two posts in a single day - aren't YOU lucky?!

Pete Goldlust's intricate carved crayons are too cool not to share.

Perhaps one has a little too much time on their hands maybe?

This is why I love quantum physics...

Lately, scientists have been working on experiments involving photons and slits and such suggest the mind-bending concept that the future can leak into the present. Physicist Jeff Tollaksen of George Mason University says the weak measurements may show that “something that happens now is affected by something that happens in the future. It suggests that the universe has a destiny — a destiny that is out there and coming back to us from the future.”

Well, that last part is a stretch (quantum destiny? Not so much...) but certainly gives one something to chew on for a while.


Name Britney Spears new album

Um, seriously? She needs to stop editing her own website.


Like, OMG! Stop the presses! Spice Girls are back in action!

The long-awaited reunion tour announcement has nation breathing sigh of relief and 30-something soccer moms jumping for joy.

(Pardon me while I go throw up.)

(Thanks, PopSugar.)


Jaimee Choos... has a nice ring to it, dunnit?

This is actually pretty cool...

Steve Madden lets you design your own shoes in the colors & styles you actually want (as opposed to having to live with whatever miserable selection is left in your size at their store).

(Thanks Shopahaulic!)


"Women prefer new clothes over sex, survey finds" -- WTF??

From Yahoo News today:

"Women on average say they would be willing to give up sex for 15 months for a closet full of new apparel, with 2 percent ready to abstain from sex for three years in exchange for new duds, according to a new survey of about 1,000 women in 10 U.S. cities."

Oh my God -- who the *fuck* are these freakish women and why do they say things like that? I mean for Christ's sake - I like a good pair of shoes as well as the next girl (just ask anyone who has known me for 5 minutes) but buying a really sexy new pair of stilettos ALWAYS makes me want to go home and have sex while I wear them.

Now, if they had asked me I'd have thrown off the curve.

I'd totally give up buying new clothes (and maybe the shoes too... it depends whether we're talking Jimmy Choos or Manolos. Big difference.) for 15 months (okay, maybe just 2) for just an hour's worth of great sex with Josh Duhamel or a *very* close lookalike.


That's alright, ladies. Go shopping. Leaves more for me.


Shoe Rolodex?

If this weren't so ugly (why does it have to look like one of those super loud industrial strength fans they use in restaurant kitchens??) I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Ok, maybe not. There's just something about the visually pleasing aesthetic of my stacked shoeboxes with their polaroid pictures taped to the front...

Is that so wrong?

(Thanks Popgadget!)


Giddy up.

When asked if the visual aesthetic had a name, the Chevy spokesperson replied, "Yeah -- Bitchin".