Napster: Help Wanted. Must be able to make coffee and pole dance.

For once, I'm speechless. I'm guessing there's not much diversity in the workplace over there, unless the Napster Girl also types 70 wpm and makes a mean cuppa coffee...


Well, um... like, DUH!

"Co-founder Sergey Brin said it occurred to him this summer as he scanned the 50 or so products available across the company's Web sites that users were probably getting overwhelmed. 'It's worse than that,' he said. 'It's that I was getting lost in the sheer volume of the products that we were releasing."

How concerned are you that it took someone influential enough to do something about it this long to wake up and smell the stink of all of those launched products decomposing in a sky high pile of new products ignored once they achieved maximum cool-ideas-generating-great-PR results?

Maybe the SS Googlebloat is coming in for a rehaul?