Random things I need in no particular order.

  • Cheap monthly parking anywhere downtown SJ.
  • An automated, efficient way to productionalize the whole data conversion workflow. In particular, the extraction & capture of metadata from images where there is none provided or if present, may be inconsistent or non-standard. Solving a challenge like this requires sophisticated technology applying layout and document analysis algorithms invented and developed by scary-smart people. People smart enough to know their technology should be - no, must be - able to learn from a programmed set of assumptions and organically increase it's own program intelligence learning through fine-tuning the logic and rule sets as the data it receives evolves and existing assumptions no longer compute. It must provide a standardized output that is compliant with emerging standards in order to provide any downstream value where it matters most: relevant, consistent and successful search results. Doing so makes users come back and advertisers see clear returns on their investment. Chicken feeds egg. Egg feeds chicken. Everyone goes home fat and happy.
  • A new bed & dresser to replace the "significantly water damaged" I formerly loved to death until Public Storage had a roofing issue. Upside? PS insurance company buys me new stuff.
  • A salon visit to trim, wax and paint various areas of my body.

Knowing full well that my needs are important to no one but me (which, surprisingly enough, can't be said for Bipolar Barbie… but I digress), I'll happily settle for a salon recommendation, where to find deals on bedroom furniture, cheap SJ parking and/or the names of any people who are so smart they scare you.

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