Rolling Stones concert.

Man those guys are old. I mean... Keith's face has so many crevices and cracks he could do with a little spackle or Bondo at this point.

And what makes me the expert on his face?

Cuz I was 30 freaking feet away from them at Tuesday's concert in Pac Bell Park!!! How cool is that?! I kept saying to the people around me "That's the *STONES*! Can you believe it?!?".

They put on an amazing show for 2 1/2 hours. For old guys they sure can keep up like they're still in their 30's. The only things that sucked (in order of suckyness):
  1. Whoever stole the (very cool) Stones tee-shirt (size small) from my back pocket not 7 minutes after I bought the Goddamn thing will hopefully die while wearing it (preferrably choking on it).
  2. Keith Richards and Charlie Watts: if you two can't stop getting into little pissing contests onstage with your little control dramas and tantrums -- completely fucking the song up -- you should both be sent to your rooms without dinner. Or drugs as the case may be. I mean grow up... the audience isn't stupid and we all see what's going on up there.

All in all it was the best concert I've ever seen and most fun I can remember having in years. I *did* get some satisfaction :D

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