I am *so* over technology...

I've had it with technology.

No, really - I've completely had it. Our entire industry is having a collective brain fart and we're desperately clinging to things that were successful (or in most cases, not) in the past -- to the exclusion of an innovative future. I no longer feel like a contributing, socially responsible member of society... tangibly making a difference in the world, even if it isn't the next "Big Thing"tm.

I mean, we're all practically killing ourselves developing products with a frenetically decreasing shelf-life. Things that may or may not get launched - let alone be useful to anyone - are obsolete before they can get unpacked from their boxes at Fry's. All for what?!

Stock options?! Hah!

An IPO-jackpot? Unless you're at Google - your odds of becoming an overnight paper millionaire are significantly lower than those of the Bush administration eliminating the national debt - ever.

A little bit of geek-street cred? That only goes so far - do *you* remember the name of the guy who invented the < BLINK > tag??

Well, I for one think it's all just greedy, shallow nonsense and it's time to change gears to an industry that I can make a difference in.


Yes, that's right. Doing my part to ensure that the emaciated, botoxed, liposucked, face-lifted doyennes of upper eschelon urbane society look as unapproachably, impossibly fabulous as their well-bred/well-married status implies is exactly how I want to make a difference and change the world. One trophy wife at a time.

So much for the Computer Science degree (sorry, Dad!).

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