Things I miss about San Francisco

1. DJ Boat Parties w/Jared. Two words: Sasha. Rockedit.
2. Broadway Pier. I still wish I had binoculars. All of those tall city buildings with lights on in them... each one a different story. Personal, portable dramas - in each small illuminated square.
3. Embarcadero. Gorgeous. Comforting. Good times. Slanted Door & Bjork concert. Nuff said.
4. Pac Bell Park. I'll never forget Alisha dropping Tucker's personally, hand delivered baseball or all of the city's most gorgeous men lookin' so cute in their baseball caps. Yum.
5. Parties. Guest lists, VIP, backstage and hanging w/tha DJs... so many new friends...
6. After parties. Loft parties, warehouse parties, Johnny Ray parties, Will parties, Paul Tran parties, Raffael & Pierre parties... I could go on but it's all a blur to me now. So many sunrises and lost brain cells.
7. Richie Rich, Tone, Johnny Ray, Linda, Nancy & Ray, Cindy-babes & Dave... all for the love of you know who...
8. Shopping. The girls @ Nordies, Macy's and Bebe... you ladies are the sole reason I have no disposable income anymore, er, I mean -- You're all FAB-YOO-LUSS.
9. Zendo parties. Attending, NOT working. ;)
10. Enricos. Mojitos. Friday & Saturday nights in North Beach observing male and female of the species on their worst behavior. Ever. Estrogen and Testosterone on 2 legs fueled by too many cosmos and stella's.
11. Happy Donuts on 3rd and Embarcadero. "Borders? Eh, they sell books, I sell donuts. That's how I'm doing these days."
12. That breathtaking, clearly defined city skyline as you crest the 280 / King Street hill into the city. Jesus, you say to yourself everytime you see it, *This* is why I live here.
13. The music. As much as I complain about San Francisco House, I know I'm going to find myself singing "Ah think ah feel much bett-ah... at niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!"
14. A certain Giants fan. Baseball. Tension. Damn.
15. Sunrises. Driving home from the city in the morning with some chill music that matches the glory of the clear blue sky and the warmth of the sun as it slowly lifts above the bay. Always a big shit-eating grin on my face for not being too busy or too absorbed to appreciate the frequently overlooked, small, simple, beautiful things around me.
16. Sushi. Sake bombs. Saketinis. Wuh-SAAAAAAAAAW-baaaaaay!