Bird life at Starbucks

This is one of those times where taking a picture wouldn't do justice to the little bird community taking shelter underneath the cafe tables outside of the Starbucks in Brentwood at this very moment. Smart little buggers. Beyond cute. All congregating underneath the tables as the rain started. Just hangin'... chillin... cleaning their feathers with hummingbird speed. Each has their own little "space" on the metal rung holding the four legs of the small tables together.

Sometimes it looks like they're shooting the shit with their neighbor... some just sit facing outward, as it waiting for the downpour to end. I'd give up a prized pair of shoes to know what they're thinking about as they watch me watching them through the glass window. I wonder if birds ever get sick of the traffic here. I wonder if they sit up on those power lines thinking "Morons! We may not have opposable thumbs -- but if this is all those idiots can manage to do with them, fuck 'em."

*Sigh* Rain on the windshield always makes my mind wander... shoots that familiar lightning bolt of electricity through my stomach... leaving butterflies in it's wake. Powerful stuff.

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