Did you just blow your nose in my shower?!

Talked to Josh the other day. again for the first time in a couple of years... things just get so busy that it gets easier to not return a phone call or email because, well, I don't really have a good excuse. Hanging up, I started remembering things (both sweet and sad) about that time in my life.

I miss the memory of us sitting on the beach in San Diego mesmerized by the phosphorescent phenomena of the eerily beautiful, luminescent, softly glowing green tide. I miss the feeling of childlike wonder I felt... when I wasn't so cynical to not see that as inexplicable magic happening just for the two of us to see on that night as we sat so close to each other on the sand.

I miss his enthusiasm and passion for words -- the only man on the planet who could match my own obsession for using "Good Words!"... his eagerness to read to me at night before going to bed. The deepness of his voice & the sexy, confident way he read everything -- from Marquis de Sade to Roget's Thesaurus -- the rumbling timbre in his voice was both hypnotic and electrifying. I'm quite sure neither of us can take a shower without chuckling a little, remembering my admonishment to discontinue his habit of nose blowing in my shower.

My two favorite memories of that time with him and Mr. T (the pictures burned into my brain, almost like a picturebook):

  • He & Travis surprising me with breakfast in bed one morning... consisting of 1 frozen waffle with syrup, canned peaches and a daisy picked from god-knows-which neighbor's patio garden.
  • Travis jumping up and down on my bed singing the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars, giggling madly when I threatened to tickle him into oblivion.

I'm ecstatic that he and Travis are finally able to live together in NY and excited for Travis' future as a soccer superstar :) Talking to him refreshed my gratitude for his continued love and friendship. No matter how many months or years go by without talking to each other, 10 minutes on the phone and it's like we just spoke yesterday.

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