Overheard @ Starbucks...

"I'm cold!", she says, tottering on her 4 inch high stillettos before ducking into Starbucks.

Wow, you think? Regardless of how painfully clear the correlation between your IQ and the size of your 4 inch high stilletto fuck-me shoes may be, I must commend you, Cupcake, for you have mastered the skill of stating the obvious.

I mean, where I come from, wearing the equivalent of two loosely wrapped ace bandages at 9 o'clock at night in any city but Miami (in, like, July) will undoubtably produce goosebumps the size of small tumors.

Apparently she makes a living as "Um, like, a Meeteyourologist?" for a local news station. I find it difficult to believe she can talk and point at the same time.